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For additional information or to enquire about booking the Atlantic Crossing Show please contact:

Marc LaFrance +1 (604) 649-5910

The Atlantic Crossing show spans 90 minutes with continuous music and numerous costume changes that occur without interruption to the set. If your particular event requires a different duration or breaks during the performance that can be arranged.

Cease and Desist add-on option

If an event requires additional entertainment beyond the 3 acts, the multi-talented musicians of Atlantic Crossing can also perform a set out of costume as Cease and Desist. With a massive repertoire of hit songs that cover more than five decades, this is the perfect warm up or closing act. You can view video at this link.

Cease and DesistQuite possibly the strongest line up of professional musicians working today. Cease and Desist has been impressing audiences around the world for over two decades. Their seemingly endless repertoire of classic covers spans from the forties right up into the new millennium.

The band members have all sung or performed on countless albums and radio hits. They have also either played or recorded with international superstars like Bon Jovi, Cher, Randy Bachman, Carly Simon, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and the list goes on...

Each of the band members is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer and together they combine to make one of the tightest, most versatile bands you'll ever hear.

Technical Requirements and additional information:

A complete list of Atlantic Crossing's equipment requirements including back line is available if you click here.

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