Four Amazing Tributes in One

Atlantic Crossing presents four incredible shows in one with tributes to the best in British Pop music, including the Beatles, Rod Stewart and Elton John and now an AC/DC segment that ads a completely new "Aussie" dimension to the show. Audiences are consistently blown away with how close to the original artists Atlantic Crossing sounds. Check out reviews to see and hear what people say about this amazing show.

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BeatlesThe Beatles had a more profound impact on pop music and culture than any other band in history. Their influence is still heard today and Atlantic Crossing plays spot on versions of the early Beatles hits.

RodAtlantic Crossing also has one of the most authentic Rod Stewart tributes you will ever see or hear. From the stylish suits and signature stage moves and a voice that's so close that you'll swear it's Rod himself, Brent Stewart sets a new high standard for Rod Stewart tributes.

EltonEvery bit as energetic and flamboyant as Sir Elton, this is an exciting retrospective of one of the U.Ks most outrageous and enduring performers. From his 70's rockers to the sing along favorites, audiences love these timeless classics.


ACDCThe most recent addition to the Atlantic Crossing Show is an AD/DC segment that gets the whole audience rocking. Marc LaFrance's amazing vocal range and raspy rock sound take these classic rock songs over the top.

Cease and Desist

If your event requires additional entertainment, the multi-talented musicians of Atlantic Crossing can also perform a set out of costume as Cease and Desist. With a massive repertoire of hit songs that cover more than five decades, this is the perfect warm up or closing act.


Tech Info:

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