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If there really is a key to making a young, hungry and fiercely determined rock act known all over the world, then Wojtek Balczun has discovered it. The guitarist and main song writer of Polish band Chemia doesn’t simply rely on his group’s obviously tremendous potential and on the wave of euphoria triggered by their 2013 debut album The One Inside. Systematic and focussed, Balczun is taking the group unerringly to the second stage of a career which looks extremely promising, true to his credo: this band’s got what it takes to make it on an international level, so we’ve got to position it globally to establish its worldwide presence. And thanks to Chemia’s second album release Let Me, this is exactly what he’s set to achieve: all twelve songs are fresh, haunting and dynamic, and on top of that Chemia have succeeded in enlisting optimum support in producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica). The result is extremely powerful and rocks from the very first note of the opener ‘Fun Gun’ to the final chord of the last track, ‘Send Me The Raven’. If you’re still not convinced, just let the album work its magic on you. Satisfaction guaranteed!

That a young and comparatively unknown band gets to work with a renowned producer such as Mike Fraser almost sounds like a fairy tale but is easily explained by the amazing impact Chemia have on everybody who has listened to their music, in whichever shape or form. They have played live with legends such as Deep Purple, Guns N’Roses, Billy Talent, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, HIM and 3 Doors Down, never failing to inspire their audience. They have performed at renowned festivals such as Woodstock Poland, Legends Of Rock and Art-Football Moscow, where they also bowled over the crowds. Singles from their debut album have been played by Polish radio stations, garnering thoroughly positive reactions. They explained to their friend and mentor Marc LaFrance (Scorpions, Mötley Crüe, The Cult) the concept and idea of their new album Let Me, which in turn left LaFrance greatly impressed. And not only him but also Mike Fraser, whom LaFrance got on board and who was so taken with the new material that he ensconced himself together with Chemia at the Custom 34 Studio in Gda?sk, Poland, to work on Let Me. Fraser applied the finishing touches at Vancouver’s Armoury Studios during the final mix before the album was mastered at the Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, USA.

“We wanted Let Me to show the real Chemia,” Balczun explains. “We agreed with Mike Fraser that the album’s sound should be based on the sound of our live shows. That’s why there are no compromises or concessions to pop music on Let Me.” The band consciously decided against typical ballads and rigorously cut down on the keyboards which featured fairly strongly on the debut. Balczun: “Mike Fraser is the absolute expert when it comes to great guitar sounds. That’s why Let Me rocks from beginning to end.” All those who worry that the Chemia material may have lost its accessibility in favour of a tougher attitude may rest assured: every one of the twelve tracks is captivating. “Listening to the album for the very first time, people may get the impression that Let Me has turned out less commercial, but when you hear the tracks a second or third time, you’ll discover their great catchiness.”
Balczun is referring to numbers such as ‘Fun Gun’ with its driving beat, contemporary guitars and lyrics about a young psychopath and his destructive thoughts. And of course to the pulsating uptempo rock number ‘The Luck’ featuring Canadian drummer Brent Fitz (Slash, Alice Cooper) as guest musician. The anthemnic ‘Grey’ and ‘Done’ with its tongue-in-cheek reference to AC/DC also deserve a mention, just like ‘Don’t Kill The Winner’, which has Chemia prove that even dry-as-a-bone stoner rock is familiar terrain for them.

So they’ve obviously done their homework, and now the time has come to present the awesome result to the world at large, because after all, live shows are among Chemia’s greatest fortes. “It’s always the same: no matter where and with whom we play, the reactions are overwhelming. Like our UK tour with Skindred, which earned us so many new fans that we obviously have to play as often as we possibly can. One the one hand, live performances get us the most straightforward reactions to our songs, and on the other hand concerts always help you to establish new contacts and meet important people. We know that we’ve got a long way ahead of us to make Chemia a global phenomenon, but we’re determined to go that way.”

Since the beginning of 2015 the band played loads of concerts i.e. in Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. After the premiere of “Let Me” album they played a European tour with Skindred during which they visited countries like Netherland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic and Italy. From 5th of February they latest album will be also available in USA and Canada.


Fun Gun * She * The Luck * Let Me * I Love You So Much * Grey * The Shadow * Done * Don´t Kill The Winner * We Toxic * Gotta Love Me * Send Me The Ravens

newLET ME (2015)

Wojtek Balczun (Guitar)
Matt Maka (Guitar)
Chriss Jaworsky (Bass)
Adam Kram (Drums)
?ukasz Drapa?a (Vocals)



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AlienFixation.: Having schizophrenia makes it hard to focus sometimes, but here is the light i create to make a more peaceful, loving planet for all men, women and children and of course our wilder friends... peace, amnesty, namaste...

Album "Nirvana Sequence"

JR (Pop) Play Click to play an mp3 sample. Hailing from Liverpool, and based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, John Reilly emerges from his former role as the frontman for Atlantic Records recording artists Boy On A Dolphin to release his solo album, ‘Zebulon’ on October 10th 2011.

In between American tours with Boy On A Dolphin, Reilly travelled north to Vancouver to spend time co-writing with some of the greatest songwriters in the business, including Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Tina Turner) and Robbie Buchanan (Christina Aguilera, Diana Ross). Having already forged a reputation as a great songwriter in his own right, (American Billboard Magazine said “Reilly unearths one precious pop gem after another”) Reilly took considerable inspiration from working with such acclaimed writers and focused on further developing his own writing style. Meanwhile his songs were being places in movies such as „Tokyo Cowboy? and TV shows True North, Dawson Creek and X Files.

When John returned to England with just a handful of solo gigs under his belt he was offered a slot opening for Ray Davies, who was so impressed with John’s performance he offered him the support slot for the whole tour, which culminated in John fulfilling a life-long ambition – playing a sold-out show at The Royal Albert Hall.

Having performed to over 100,000 people during performances at festivals, The Royal Albert Hall and several sold-out hometown headline shows at Sheffield’s prestigious City Hall, John Reilly is looking forward to continued radio support and breaking out of the recording studio once again to perform “Zebulonacross the UK in late 2011 with a full tour in February 2012.

“What Reilly offers is actually something of a masterclass in its genre.Is This Music magazine

“John is the kind of man who I?d love to see live!” – Graham Norton, BBC Radio 2

“Fantastic album, brilliant voice. Out of five, I?d give it a ten.” - Paul O’Grady, Radio 2

Tunnel(Album-Oriented Rock) Play Click to play an mp3 sample. Tunnel™
It used to be the case that you listened to an album by your favorite artist from front to back because every song was great. Everything from the sequence of the songs to the cover art gave you an insight into the artists' vision. In these days of cherry-picking singles from artists not focused on a cohesive, thematic collection of songs, Tunnel™ brings back the musical style that made rock great.

If you liked the classic albums of Led Zeppelin, Montrose, AC/DC and Van Halen, you'll probably like the direction Tunnel™ is headed - strong hooks, great melodies, song-oriented and well-played. C'mon along, we're just getting started...

Dave Henzerling (King Kobra, Keel, Big Cock, Lizzy Borden) met vocalist Scott Hammons in late 2008 while they were both playing shows with the band Icon. In early 2009, they got together to work on new material for an as-yet-unnamed project and the chemistry just clicked. Dave had already laid down basic tracks with Los Angeles drummer Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) and together with Scott on lead vocals, they completed a collection of eight songs by the end of the hot Arizona summer.

Produced by Dave Henzerling, Tunnel™ also enlisted world-renown background singer Marc LaFrance (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Bryan Adams) as well as "Guitar Hero" Steve Ouimette (Guitar Hero III, Rock Revolution) for help with one of the song's orchestral arrangements. The CD was mixed by Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Saving Abel) at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI and mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound in New York.

Faith (Acoustic/Alt/Rock) Play Click to play an mp3 sample. Faith and Desire's album Heavy Mellow incorporates acoustic and electric guitars and violins with rock solid drum and bass grooves and passionate vocal performaces. Their lyrics explore the irony and common flaws of the shared human experience.

All songs on this rare disc are individually availible for licensing through Delinquent Records.

FAD (Funk/Rock) F.A.D. Play Click to play an mp3 sample. Formed and disbanded after only one album, and a few Hollywood shows, funk rock outfit F.A.D. imploded leaving a brilliant first album packed with groove rock in the early 90's Extreme/Peppers style. Soaring vocals, shredding guitar and a rhythm section so solid that it creates a gravitational field of it's own.

All songs on this powerful, rare disc are available for individual licensing through Delinquent Records.


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