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Electric Guitar Amplifier: Fender 2 x 12” or equivalent (35 Watts or more) with channel switching or with overdrive pedal 

Bass Guitar Amplifier: (at least 100 watts) 

One Set Professional Drums:   (Ludwig or equivalent) which will include the following: 
Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Floor Tom, Tenor Tom, Hi-Hat Stand, Two Cymbal Stands, Drum Stool, Hi-Hat Cymbals, Ride Cymbal and Crash Cymbal 

Guitar Stands: 3 good quality guitar stands 

Power: 2 Power bars with extensions 

3- Vocal mics on Boom stands (Shure SM 57’s or equivalent)



One qualified sound engineer and one qualified light engineer (if not available Cease and Desist will arrange for additional cost) 
- One SOUNDCRAFT “200 Series” Mixing console or equiv. (e.g. MACKIE 24x4x2 “) 
- 1 Third Octave Graphic Equalizer per side (if mono... one per side if in stereo) 
- 3 double loaded Electro-Voice Bass bins or equivalent per side with appropriate power* 
- 2 Martin Mid-range cabinets or equivalent per side with appropriate power* 
- 2 Electro-Voice horns or equivalent per side with appropriate power* 
- Ashley Compressor/Limiter or equivalent 
(* Q.S.C. Power amps or equivalent .Wattage to be determined by size of venue) 
- at least 16 Par-64 cans (500 to 1000 watts each) for lighting with switching unit 
- Snakes for mixing console and lighting console


3 Shure SM-57’s for Vocal Mics (Please NO Shure SM-58’s on vocals if possible) 
- 1 SM-57 or Beta 57 for Guitar Amp. 
- 1 Sennheiser 421 for Bass Cabinet (optional) 
- 1 Direct Box for Acoustic/Electric Guitar (preferably active; Countryman, Roland or equivalent) 
- 1 Direct Box for Bass Guitar (preferably active; Countryman, Roland or equivalent) 
- Bass Drum: AKG D-112 or Sennheiser 421 
- Snare Drum: Shure SM-57 or Shure Beta-57 
- Tenor and Floor Tom: 2 Sennheiser 421’s or 2 Shure SM-58’s or equivalent 
- Overhead (Cymbals etc.) AKG 460 condenser mic or equivalent 
- Boom style microphone stands preferred for all applications




1 – 12 Channel Mixer with 2 monitor mixes

2 – 1X12 with Horn or 2 1X15 with Horn for Front House with Tri-Pod Stands

1 Bass Bin for front end

4 Shure SM-57’s (or equivalent) and 5 boom-style mic stands 
1 Good quality Kick drum mic with mini mic stand for bass drum 
1 Good quality overhead condenser mic for overhead
1 Direct Box if Mixer is low impedance only (Active preferably) 
3 Monitor Speakers with 1-12” Speaker and horn in each one 

1 Programmed iPod or equivalent with proper cabling for break music

All mics and speakers and monitors must be with sufficient cables and a backup mic cable



 Drums to be set up centre stage w/ Vocal mic on “double” boom stand 
Guitar amp. and acoustic D.I. are to be stage right w/ Vocal mic 
Bass Amp. Bass D.I. and optional Bass Guitar Mic. are to be stage left w/ Vocal mic 
Power bar to front stage right   Please have A/C power within 10 feet of stage



Please make stage area large enough to provide ample room for performance by a three-person band. The smallest area possible in this regard would measure: 16 feet wide by 10 feet deep. A one-foot high sturdy riser for the drums measuring 6 feet deep by 7 wide feet is optional but visually effective. 


6) LIGHTING – at least 4 coloured lights for left and right front stage with all necessary stands and cables